Verbal Abuse: What is it?

This is going to be a multi-part blog over several weeks to explain just how dangerous verbal abuse is and how many people fall into this particular trap. This trap many times leads to divorce.  It is not uncommon to find other … Continue reading

Are You Stuck on the Drama Triangle?

THE KARPMAN DRAMA TRIANGLE.  Steve Karpman one of Eric Berne’s colleagues was writing in the Transactional Analysis Bulletin (1966) about how drama roles get acted out within fairy tale stories drew what has become perhaps the best known diagram from … Continue reading

Lying: 6 Reasons Why People Lie

Why do people lie?  Have you ever thought about it?  There are two types of lying:  omission and commission.  Omission means something is left out of the story and what is reported is the truth but not the whole truth.  … Continue reading

Forgiveness: Unenforceable Rules

Do you believe that people should act a certain way? What happens if they act contrary to what you believe they should act?  How do you feel?  What do you do? Learning that there are no enforceable rules but the … Continue reading

I Hate You and I Want You Gone…But I Need You

Some couples get caught in a web of love and hate and turn their hateful feelings and thoughts onto their partner.  The feelings are very intense and both are convinced that the other is the CAUSE of their pain.  Cooperation … Continue reading

If You Really Loved Me Then…

If you really loved me then you would tell me. If you really loved me then you would do the dishes. If you really loved me then you would put the kids to bed at night. If you really loved … Continue reading