Are You Stuck on the Drama Triangle?

THE KARPMAN DRAMA TRIANGLE.  Steve Karpman one of Eric Berne’s colleagues was writing in the Transactional Analysis Bulletin (1966) about how drama roles get acted out within fairy tale stories drew what has become perhaps the best known diagram from … Continue reading

5 Steps To Increase Awareness By Being Curious

This is part III of learning how being curious can save your relationships.  Remember the old wives’ tale curiosity killed the cat, but in this case curiosity leads to a better understanding of self and can save the relationship.  Being … Continue reading

Is A Lack Of Curiosity Killing Your Relationship?

The proverb curiosity killed the cat warns against being inquisitive.  However, if we want to have healthy relationships curiosity is a prerequisite.  A lack of curiosity is much more dangerous.  Curiosity is not referring to prying into other people’s business.  … Continue reading