I encourage you to read these forms prior to contacting me for an appointment, but is not a requirement.  Once an appointment has been set then I will email you my forms.  These forms are long and some you may be unsure of whether you fill them out or not.  Generally, I tell clients complete where you can and bring all paperwork with you for the first appointment.  I also know that some people like details and like to know what’s happening before coming.  Here’s what you can expect on your first appointment with me:

  1. We will review the forms and I will answer any questions you may have about them.
  2. I will take a history.  I usually endeavor to complete in the first session, but that doesn’t always happen.  If we are running out of time, then I will have you do the next step so you can have some material to read between sessions.
  3. After history taken, I give you a paper and pencil test called the Joines Personality Adaptation Test (JPA).  I score the JPA once you are finished and then we briefly discuss it. 
  4. Next I give a handout on the JPA for you to read about your adaptations for our next session.
  5. Next we schedule a follow-up appointment, I give you the health insurance form and you pay for the session.

You are under no obligation to schedule a follow-up appointment.  It’s important that you feel comfortable with my style of working with clients.  If you make another appointment and then change your mind, simply give me a 24-hour notice either by email or call and leave a voice message.