What & How

I use a variety of approaches because one size does not fit all.  Some people are more open to an approach that has to do more with what they think; there are others who are more comfortable talking about their feelings; and others who are more comfortable talking about what they do (behaviors). Of course, the changes that the person wants to make are in the areas where they are the least comfortable.  For example, someone who reports hating to confront may know what they do, but are afraid to speak up and get their needs met.  This means we can start with what they know (a mindfulness approach) then invite them into their thinking (a TA approach) which they become more aware of the inner dialogue (Mindfulness) and can say to themselves, “It’s okay to get my emotional needs met” (to lessen the discomfort use EFT).

In this drop down menu you can read about the different approaches that I use and you certainly can request a specific type of work as well.  Remember the point is to feel better!